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  • Journeying to the region can be done by air or overland, whichever way is chosen, each gives you a glimpse into the vastness of the Rupununi. Overland provides interplay of lush rainforest which suddenly gives way to savannah lands set against the backdrop of mountains. It is quite common to see some wildlife species and birds on this journey especially as one traverses the stretches of the Iwokrama Rainforest.

    Keep your eyes alert, you may see a jaguar! The journey by air allows you to view the greenness of the region, mountains, changes in the landscape and villages as along meanders the many waterways including the Rupununi River. From the air, there is a feeling of the sheer majestic spread of the region and wonder about the secrets that lie within.

  • Whether you are a seasoned adventurer, a wildlife enthusiast, or just a curious visitor, your trip to the Rupununi can be customised to ensure you have a unique, memorable experience.

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